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We're open for memberships!
Find out more about how to become a member below.

Important message for settle residents

Thanks to the team at settle, all settle residents are eligible for a no-fee settle membership. Please don't sign up for a £10 membership here, but check out the announcement on the settle website for more information on the voucher you will receive.

If you haven't yet received a settle membership voucher and think you're eligible, pop by and see us and we'll be able to help.



- Membership

1. How many items are available to rent?

There are around 300 items available to rent. We'll keep growing and improving our stock over time too!

2. Can I see your stock before I become a member?

Of course. You can browse all of our shed items before signing up. Click here to see our stock.

3. Why are you charging a membership fee?

The Shed is a not-for-profit enterprise, relying on funding and donations from local people and organisations. The £10 per year membership fee goes towards paying our bills and keeping the lights on, so we can serve the community in the best way we can.

4. Do I have to pay for my membership fee with a debit card?

Yes, we require a £10 payment using a debit or credit card to pay for your membership fee. Once you're signed up however, you can pay for item rental using cash in the shop if you wish.

5. Why do I have to provide an ID and proof of address in person?

We ask members to provide an ID (e.g. a driving license or passport) and a proof of address (e.g. a driving license again, a utility bill, a council tax bill) the first time they visit after signing up to the shed.

This helps us ensure the security of our stock. We won't use these documents for any other purpose.

6. Will my membership automatically renew each year?

No, your membership won't automatically renew. However, you'll receive an email from us before your membership expires offering you the option to renew if you choose.

7. Can I cancel my membership?

Yes of course. If you do want to cancel just get in touch.

8. What are the membership Terms and Conditions?

You can read through our membership Terms and Conditions here. Everyone who signs up to become a member of the Shed will need to abide by these T&Cs.

9. What is 'Lend Engine' and how do I use it?

When you register to become a member, view our stock online and reserve items, you'll use a digital platform called 'Lend Engine'. This is popular computer software used by lending libraries across the country. You should be able to easily browse our items and choose what you'd like to rent.

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- Item rental

1. How far in advance can I rent an item?

Items can be reserved up to 3 months in the future. Therefore, it's good to reserve early to be in with the best chance of your item(s) being available.

However, please do not reserve items unless you are sure you will need them, so as not to deprive others in the community from using them.

2. How long do I keep something I have rented?

You keep items rented until the following week.

So, an item collected on Week 1 (during our opening hours) will need to be returned on Week 2 (during our opening hours).

3. When do I pay the rental fees for my item(s)?

When you reserve an item(s), Lend Engine will calculate your lending fees.

These will be due when you come to collect the item(s) from the shop. You're welcome to pay by card or cash.

4. Will late fees be charged if I forget to return an item(s)?

Yes. As per our Membership Terms & Conditions, we'll charge a late fee of £1 per day if an item isn't returned by its due date.

This isn't about making us money, but is a nominal charge to help ensure items are returned in time and so are available for others to borrow.

If there are extenuating circumstances that mean you won't be able to return an item in time, let us know as early as possible and we may choose to waive a late fee.

5. What if the item(s) I want to rent are already taken by somebody else?

If an item is already reserved when you need it, check the library to see if there are other similar items - for some things, we have more than 1.

Beyond this, unfortunately the item won't be available for you to rent at that time. We will be closely monitoring to see the most popular items, so will boost our stock if we find certain items are often rented out.

6. What happens if an item gets damaged during my rental?

If an item breaks or is damaged, please do let us know and don't try to hide it - don't worry, we understand accidents happen.

Our team will do our best to repair the item and if unfixable, will replace it in the library.

If an item is returned to us completely ruined or severely damaged (through complete lack of care or severe misuse) then we do reserve the right to charge fees for the repair or replacement of the item. This is set out in our Membership Terms and Conditions. However, this isn't a step we would ever take lightly.

7. I'm not exactly sure what item I need or I have a question about an item...

If you want to ask any questions about items before you reserve them, or just need advice on what type of item would best suit your task, you can email us anytime at or send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

We have access to a hivemind of clever folk who can provide advice.

8. Will my item come with necessary ancillaries & accessories?

Depending on the nature of your item, it may come with ancillaries, accessories and/or consumables.

A good example is an electric drill. This would potentially need drill bits or screwdriver head attachments, depending on what you're looking to use it for (and screws of course).

Speak to your volunteer when you collect the item about what you're looking to use it for, and they will be able to advise. For some items or uses, you may need to provide your own, which can be purchased from places like Wickes.

All wireless electrical items will come with the relevant battery packs and a charger.

Any questions?

If you have any question about membership, rental or anything else, fill out our form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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